Your brand isn't what you think it is...


... it's what people think it is!

We feel that people is everything in the creation of new great products and experiences. Our approach and process starts by understanding people, behavior and habits

Since products and product experiences are physical and digital  representations and expressions of the brand, we focus on centering people in our creative process to make products and experiences that makes a positive difference in peoples lives

This human insight allows us to focus on humanizing the way people interpret and interact with new products, technologies, new interactions and new interfaces...


... driving to the creation of natural, intuitive, delightful and exciting products and experiences for real people





The marketplace is fierce...

... and forces companies into a constant state of change!


Companies need to constantly provide a steady flow of creative and innovative products & services, expand on and build new expertise and even deliver the occasional market disruptor to not be left in the dust


We know that creativity and innovation within companies can be challenging, so we collaborate with leaders within the companies on how creativity and innovation is best suited for the specific company


We assist in identifying what might be hindering creativity and innovation at the current state, and by establishing new and/or re-establishing opportunity areas for building new expertise and to adapt a more creative and innovation rich philosophy and culture





It starts with an idea...

... yet unfortunately it often stops there! 

The need for companies to adopt a more nimble lifestyle... that is flexible and adaptable to rapid changes in market, technology and people... is critical to success


We understand the challenges and complexity of not only coming up with the great ideas, but also what it takes to see the ideas through to success


We collaborate with companies to establish short-, mid-, and long-term strategies and, more importantly, we collaborate on how to deploy and implement the strategies




President & Creative Principal


Jan is an award winning designer and product maker who holds over 17+ years of product design and development experience within various industries, prior to founding START Design Studios.

Prior to co-founding START Design Studios, Jan held several influential design positions both in consulting firms and corporations. Most recent, Jan was responsible for leading the design efforts within the NOKIA Connected Devices business unit, leading multidisciplinary product design and development teams and programs toward new, innovative and trend disruptive mobile computing products and experiences. The result, just prior to the Microsoft aquisition of the NOKIA services and devices unit, was the launch of the NOKIA 2520 tablet and power keyboard which earned several prestigious awards, such as IDEA Gold 2014, Red Dot 2014 and IF 2014.


Jan was born in Sweden with a background as an artist. He moved to the United States from Malmo, Sweden in 1994 and graduated with top honors in Industrial Design from Arizona State University. 


CFO & Client Relationships


Melissa is an award winning business and sales professional who is passionate about establishing creative and profitable assistance for our collaborators.


Melissa is the CFO, co-founder and active new business development director for START Design Studios and holds a degree in Business & Journalism from which she graduated at the top her class. She has during her career worked within radio, print media and financial companies in both business and creative sides.


Simply stated, for Melissa, realizing that through design we can make life better. Seeing both sides, from the creative and business points, design done correctly can bring exceptional success to a company and make an incredible difference in someone's life.


At START Design Studios, Melissa strives to make sure our client's design needs are fulfilled and they are recieving exceptional customer service.

our collaborators

either as START Design Studios or Jan Stillerman

a few more

START Design Studios visionaries & subject experts


during decades of combined experience we have built a large network of seasoned visionaries and subject experts who are utilized by START Design Studios on a regular basis under full confidentiality  

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