best new product winner, 2015
IC Realtime partnered with START Design Studios to bring the ultimate surveillance solution to the commercial market. Beam is an astounding true and complete 360 degree imaging device with no gaps or missing angles. This top of the line camera breaks the mold with two 4K ultra HD sensors mounted back to back in a stylish and eye pleasing form factor. The video from each sensor is then stitched together via a proprietary and patented software process to form one continuous sphere of incredible 25MP detail. When every angle matters in a surveillance project and maximum detail, face, and identifying attributes are required the BEAM720 delivers and keeps delivering. The software records the scene with deep zoom capability where in detail can be extracted from the video after the fact. With a built in microphone, scene audio can be captured as well. Finally, the camera features IR sensitivity for use with an external IR illumination device for low light effectiveness.